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Our locations in Italy

Periodic meetings and the constant teamwork of the various Mana Tahiti offices allow all groups to grow and train under a single large project that binds each member into a single and large family, the Mana Tahiti Ohana.

All the teachers follow the path traced by the founding teacher Amanaka, expanding and enriching it with their personal experiences, with immense passion, desire to share and attention to the most intimate and profound aspects of these dances.


Lombardy - Milan and surroundings

Mana Tahiti in Milan relies on multiple locations to teach Ori Tahiti and Hula.

The teachers are, for the Tahitian dance, Dani Iti, Elena Iki and Elena Nui, for the Hawaiian dance, Sabrina.

You can find us in Milan city, San Giuliano and Villasanta.


Emilia Romagna - Bologna

The Mana Tahiti Bologna group, led by Linda Barbieri and Federica Gallo, is responsible for studying and disseminating both the Hula and Ori Tahiti disciplines in and around Bologna.


Piedmont - Turin

The path in Turin was born thanks to the first meetings organized by Amanaka but is then left to Dani iti who takes care of growing the passion for Polynesian Dances in the Turin capital.


Apulia - Brindisi

The diffusion of Polynesian Dances in Puglia was strongly desired by Alessandra of "Mia Dance Challenge" in Brindisi who with love, passion and many sacrifices does her utmost so that these dances can also be taught in the heel of Italy with the help of our Dani iti.


Sicily - Catania

Mana Tahiti Catania was born from the meeting between Amanaka and Layla Emir of the cultural association “il Velo”. From this union the first school of Hula and Ori Tahiti in Sicily, in Catania, was born in 2010. Layla Emir with humility, respect and deep passion takes care of carrying on the teachings of Amanaka and sharing her love for these cultures.


Sardinia - Cagliari

Mana Tahiti Cagliari was born from the desire of Graziella Marras to study and share Polynesian dances.

The group is followed by Graziella who since 2015 has dedicated herself body and soul to the dances of French Polynesia (Tahitian dances and Hawaiian dances) for which she undertakes a training course as a member of the Mana Tahiti - Polynesian Dance School, directed by the teacher and professional dancer. Amanda Mendoza Zapata, constantly ongoing path.

The teachers of Ori Tahiti

The teachers of Hula 

Mana Tahiti in Slovenia

The school in Slovenia was born under the guidance of Amanda Mendoza, founder of the Mana Tahiti school in Italy.

Naja carries on the Mana Tahiti project as a dancer and school teacher in Slovenia, collaborating directly with Amanda and the team of teachers and dancers from Mana Tahiti in Italy.


Naja insegnante di danza polinesiana in Slovenia

Naja discovered Polynesian dance, specifically Ori Tahiti in 2011, when for the first time she participated in a workshop held by Amanda Mendoza. She was so fascinated by this dance that she has continued to study and cultivate an interest in this discipline ever since. Slowly his interest also dwelt on other aspects of Polynesian culture. In 2014 she visited Tahiti for the first time. She studied at the Tamariki Poerani school founded by Makau Foster and at the Te fare upa rau Conservatory in Papeete. In 2016 she expanded the Mana Tahiti project to Slovenia. She visited Tahiti for the second time in 2017 staying 3 months studying Ori Tahiti with the greatest teachers (Kohai Foster, Makau Foster, Erena Uura, Vanina Ehu, Moena Maiotui) and participating in the Heiva des Ecoles with Tamariki Poerani. In Slovenia she tries to transmit Polynesian dance as a discipline but also as a lifestyle by handing down the essential aspects of Polynesian culture. Naja teaches Ori Tahiti in Ljubijana, the capital of Slovenia, and performs with her group at important cultural events.

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