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Greta starts dancing Ori Tahiti in 2014, when during her first trip to French Polynesia, fate makes her meet her current dance partners: thus begins her adventure with Mana Tahiti. Her grace, sweetness and determination make her soon become a fundamental element of the group.

Back in Italy, she began studying with Federica Gallo and Amanda Zapata (Amanaka) in Milan, also deepening the Hawaiian dance (Hula). From 2014 she began to participate together with the Mana Tahiti group in numerous shows, events, corporate team building, television broadcasts and competitions.

In 2018 she participated in the international competition "Heiva I Paris" with his group in the Ote'a category, and returned a second time to Polynesia, where she studied at the Artistic Conservatory "Te Fare Upa Rau", at the Tamariki Poerani dance school of Makau Foster and at Kehaulani Chanqui's Arato'a dance school. She also travels to the islands of the archipelago to learn more about the culture of the Maohi people. 

Her strong passion for Polynesian dance and culture is enriched by participating in dance and culture workshops with Tahia Cambet, Kanani Asuega, Tehani Robinson, Hirohiti Tematahotoa and Jessy Munoz.

She participates again in Heiva I Paris in 2019 in the Ote'a and Mehura category, where she ranks with the Mana Tahiti group in first place in the Ote'a Amateur category. The same year she also participates in the show Heiva I Monaco. 

In 2022 she finally returned to French Polynesia. She travel to the Marquesas Islands, delving into the Marquesan culture, and to the Tuamotu Islands. She then stops in Tahiti where she dedicates herself totally to Ori Tahiti: she studies at the Artistic Conservatory of Tahiti "Te Fare Upa Rau", at the Moeata Ori Tahiti dance school, with Tumata Vairaaroa, as well as with her teacher Amanaka who currently resides in Tahiti. She also dedicates herself to deepen some aspects of dance such as traditional costumes.

Greta continues to study and deepen the Polynesian culture and dance with dedication, returning as soon as possible to where she left her heart, in Tahiti. 

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