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Elena Nui

Elena Bertolesi began to dance Ori Tahiti almost by chance in 2013, when she discovered this discipline thanks to Federica Gallo. After a couple of years, in 2015, she also began studying with Amanda Zapata (Amanaka) and the Mana Tahiti group in Milan.


In 2017, after many sacrifices, she succeeds in crowning her dream of flying to Tahiti to breathe the culture, the energy and the spirit of the Polynesian people. In the month spent in Papeete, she studied at the Makau Foster's school (Tamariki Poerani), the "Te Fare Upa Rau" Conservatory and the Kehaulani Chanqui's school "Arato'a".

She participate in the Heiva i Paris in 2016 with a choreographed solo, while in 2018 with the Mehura group and solo improvisation.


Always enterprising and helpful, she dances with his companions on every occasion.

Curious and humble, she never stops learning and looking for opportunities for improvement.

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