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Federica Gallo, dancer and teacher of oriental dances and fusion, discovers Polynesian dance in 2009 at the Club Magica in Milan, where she begins to attend a course taught by Sonia Mar.

Already from the first months it undergoes the mysterious and wild fascination of these dances, then almost unknown in Italy; so, together with Daniela Della Volpe, a sister who has always been involved in dance, she decided to study it further. Federica and Daniela then went to Toulon, where for two weeks they dedicated themselves to following the teachings of the Polynesian teacher Wanda Fanaura Mama.

Upon returning to Italy, the decisive meeting took place with Amanda Mendoza Zapata, who immediately became their main point of reference in the study of Ori Tahiti and Polynesian culture.

That same year, Amanda founded the first Polynesian school of dances in Italy "Mana Tahiti".

In 2012 a study trip is organized in Tahiti, the six most passionate students go to Papeete to study at the Artistic Conservatory of French Polynesia, where they obtain a first-level diploma.

Amanda, Federica and Daniela stop in Tahiti for the following month and in this period the dancers have the opportunity to study with the professors Makau Foster, Moena Maiotui, Moeatae Hiro; and to dance with the Haere Mai group directed by Moeata.

In the summer of 2013 Federica returns to Polynesia, and for a month she will follow daily the lessons of Makau Foster and will train with her group Tamariki Poerani. In September of the same year, with the approval of Amanda and Makau, she begins teaching in Milan and in the provinces.

In 2014 and 2015, Federica returned to French Polynesia, staying in Tahiti in July and August, to study dance daily at the Conservatory, the Makau Foster school and the Terau school. She also travels to visit the other islands of the archipelago of Society Islands and that of the Tuamotus, to deepen the culture of the mahoi people.

In September 2015, she participated with the professional group Mana Tahiti, at the Heiva i Paris, in the Mehura category, getting second place.

In September 2016, the group ranked third in the otea category.

In September 2018 she participated at Heiva I Paris in the Mehura and Duo categories. 

Over the years, the Mana Tahiti group has performed in many venues and theaters throughout Italy, and has been invited to participate in some television programs such as Dancing with the Stars, Italy's Got Talent, Detto Fatto and I Soliti Ignoti.

Federica still follows Amanda's teachings with passion and perseverance.

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