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Dani Iti

Daniela Di Molfetta approaches the Dances of the Pacific during her first trip to French Polynesia where she is immediately captivated by the sinuosity and elegance of the typical movements of the Ori Tahiti that tell life splits and pass on the ancient legends of the peoples of the Pacific.

Destiny leads her to meet Amanda Zapata (Amanaka) with whom she studies with passion and dedication the Ori Tahiti (French Polynesia) and the Hula (Hawai'i). Her study path does not stop at the steps and the simple movements but great importance is given to the deeper and unique aspects of these Pacific cultures. Every movement, every gesture, is in fact the expression of a story and a clear or hidden feeling in the sweet words of the songs or in the frenetic rhythms.

Since 2009 she has been following the weekly courses held by Amanaka and is an active part of the "Mana Tahiti" group with which he participates in important events, shows, television broadcasts and international competitions such as the Heiva i Paris, an important international competition for Ori Tahiti where they participate only the best European groups.

In 2011 she returned to French Polynesia to deepen the study of dance, music and culture and participated in the intensive course for foreigners organized by the Art Conservatory "Te Fare Upa Rau" of Papeete.

In the following years she continued her training by participating in various stages with important artists including Moena from the Tahiti Ora group and Dafne Pena for the Hula.

In 2012 she studied in Hawai'i with the Kumu Nahoku Gaspang of Halau Kahikilaulani, pursuing the path started with Amanda and Dafne Pena in Italy.

In 2014 she goes to the ends of the world to study the Ori Rapa Nui on Easter Island with Go A Heva Rapu with which he deepens this discipline both from the artistic and cultural point of view.

Her training is in continuous growth and her great passion for the dances and cultures of the Pacific push her to travel in order to get as close as possible to these peoples.

She partecipated at Heiva I Paris 2018 in the Ote'a and Mehura categories. 

In 2016 and 2018 she returned to French Polynesia again to continue her study and in-depth study. During her last trip to Tahiti she attends the master class organized by Makau Foster of Tamariki Poerani group, which allows her to have an even more intimate and deep contact with this dance and culture, exploring not only the technique related to dance but also the meaning of the movements, gestures and steps and their connection with the nature and life of the Polynesian people. She also had the opportunity to get closer to singing following lessons of Himene and Orero. She shares his passion with joy and joy by conducting the courses of Ori Tahiti of the Mana Tahiti group.

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