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Linda began studying Hula dance with the teacher Amanda Mendoza Zapata in the Mana Tahiti school in 2012, participating in courses in various locations in northern Italy (Forlì, Bologna, Milan).

She soon discovers that she has a real passion for this dance, which leads her to deepen and specialize more and more her path in this discipline by studying Hawaiian dance, culture and language with the Master Dafne Peña (Mexico) and with several Kumu Hula in Switzerland (Kumu Keala Ching, Kumu Noëlle Delaquis), Hawai'i (Kumu Nalani Keale, Kumu 'Ula Hewett), in Italy (Kumu Leonani Naho'oikaika, Kumu Kawika Alfiche), in Spain (Kumu Kawika Alfiche), in the USA (Kumu Kawika Alfiche) and in Germany with Kuana Torres Kahele, an internationally renowned Hawaiian artist and musician.


Since 2019, he exclusively refers to Kumu Kawika Alfiche as the only Kumu for all that concerns not only the Hula but also the Hawaiian culture and learning of the ukulele.


In 2020 he obtained the official AICS certification as a Teacher of Ethnic Dances, recognized by CONI.

He currently teaches Hula at the Beginner and Intermediate courses in Bologna at the Zambra Studio, in Rome at ASD Manicardi Sport and in Forlì at the Karuda Center.

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