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Mana Tahiti is a school of Polynesian Dances, specifically ORI TAHITI (French Polynesia) and HULA (Hawai'i) founded by Amanda Mendoza - Amanaka.

Since 2010 we study with commitment, rigor and respect not only the technique but also the history of the islands, culture, music and language in order to fully understand the intrinsic and profound meaning of this world so far away.

"Mana Tahiti" is also a dance group who spreads the magic of these cultures in Italy and Europe with courses, workshops, shows, collaboration with tv broadcasts and with participation in important international competitions.

Heiva i Paris 2019
Vahine Tahiti
Hula Hawai'i
Heiva i Paris 2019
AMANDA, Spettacolo Intercontinental Tahi
Danza Polinesiana Milano
Mana Tahiti - Polynesian Dance Group
Fiere sposi
Saggio Sportinglife - Milano
Aloha - Team Building aziendale
Spettacolo di danze polinesiane
Spettacolo di Hula Hawai'i
Hura Tapairu Tahiti
Polynesian Show - Caffè degli Artisti - Cesenatico
Greta 18
Spettacoli di danze polinesiane per Matrimoni
Mana Tahiti Party
Aloha - Team Building aziendale
Stage con Kawika Alfiche 2019
Heiva i Paris 2015
Tamure Marathon 2018
Polynesian weekend with Amanaka & Tu
Fiere sposi
Tamure Marathon 2018
Polynesian Show at Vinile Roma
Polynesian weekend
Saggio di Danza, teatro Elfo, Milano
Matrimonio Gianluca & Giuseppe
Hawaiian Party at Twist&Shout Milano
La Polinesia piace anche ai bikers
Greta 18
Hawaiian show
Mana Tahiti party
Evento per Tahiti Tourisme
Evento al Cafè degli Artisti - Cesenatico
Heiva i Paris 2016
Spettacolo di Danze Polinesiane
Danza Tahitiana - Ote'a
Tahiti Tourisme 2019
Mana Tahiti party
Mana Tahiti party

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Mana Tahiti offers weekly and monthly courses dedicated to the two disciplines Ori Tahiti and Hula with carefully trained teachers.

Danze polinesiane

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