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Past events


12-15 May 2022

Mana Tahiti participated in the "Polynesian and Pacific Festival" event in Milan: four days of dances, shows, conferences, concerts and cultural exhibitions dedicated to the Pacific Ocean . 

December 2019

Mana Tahiti organized the first edition of the Winter Party.

A show was organized by teachers and students to be able to present the school and have fun all together.

The event was open to the public and was hosted by the Trieste Cinema Theater in Milan.

December 2019

Mana Tahiti was a guest at the "Wedding For All"

at Cascina Cuccagna in Milan.

September 2019

Mana Tahiti participated in the first edition of Heiva i Monaco with an aparima and a group of six girls.

September 2019

Like last year, this year too Mana Tahiti organized a Hula internship with Kawika Alfiche.

The internship was developed over two days where in the first part we focused on Kahiko and in the second on the Hula 'Auana with an interesting workshop of creation of her with fresh flowers.

July 2019

As usual, for two years now, the Mana Tahiti group from Milan has organized the end of year party at the park, gathering all the members of Mana Tahiti Italia.

September 2018

The group "Mana Tahiti" participated at the Heiva i Paris in the Mehura and Otea category, winning the first price in the Otea amateur category.

June 2019

The group "Mana Tahiti" had the pleasure of collaborating with Formax for the management of a team building of an important Italian company.

April 2019

The leader of the group Mana Tahiti, Amanda, returned from Polynesia to carry out various workshops in the Mana Tahiti offices in Italy. The stages took place in the cities of Milan, Rome, Bologna, Cagliari and Catania. On this occasion, many course students in different cities had the pleasure of meeting Amanda as a guest at the Mana Tahiti teachers' lessons for the first time.

Polynesian weekend with Amanaka and Tuarii Tracqui

April 2019

The group Mana Tahiti organized a weekend full of workshops of man-woman, aparima, interlacement and percussion with preparation aimed at improvisation, hosting, directly from Polynesia, Amanda and Tuarii Tracqui for the first time in Italy.

Stasera tutto è possibile, Rai 2

September 2018

The group "Mana Tahiti" participated in the tv show "Stasera tutto è possibile" on Rai 2.

Workshop with Tehani Robinson

November 2018

The Mana Tahiti group organized and carried out a workshop in Otea and Aparima in Milan with Tehani Robinson.

Workshop with Kumu Kawika Alfiche

November 2018

For the first time in Italy, during the weekend organized by Mana Tahiti, a hula 'auana and hula kahiko workshop to share the magic of Hawai'i.

Mana Tahiti Party

June 2018

The Mana Tahiti group, for the end of the year, organized and held a party bringing together all the members and students of Mana Tahiti Italy.

Detto fatto, Rai 2

March 2016

The group Mana Tahiti participated in the tv show "Detto Fatto" on Rai 2.

I soliti ignoti, Rai 1

November 2017

The group Mana Tahiti participated at the tv show "I soliti ignoti" on Rai 1.

Guess my age

March 2018

The group Mana Tahiti participated in the tv show "Guess my age" on TV8.


Italia's Got Talent

February 2017

The group Mana Tahiti participated in the tv show "Italia's Got Talent" on TV8.


Heiva I Paris

Maggio 2018

Mana Tahiti participated as a school at the Heiva i Paris in the categories of Mehura, Otea, Duo, Solo appariva and Impro otea.


Heiva I Paris

Settembre 2016

The group Mana Tahiti participated in the Heiva i Paris 2016, achieving third place in the Otea category.

Heiva I Paris

September 2015

The group Mana Tahiti participated in Heiva i Paris 2015, achieving second place in the Mehura category.

Dancing with the stars

April 2017

The group Mana Tahiti was a guest of Rai 2 on the television program "Dancing with the stars".

Tattoo Convention

From 2014 to 2017

The group Mana Tahiti was a guest at the Tattoo Convention in Milan, Rome and Ljubljana.

Study trip to Tahiti 

December 2012

The Mana Tahiti school traveled to Polynesia for the first time together to study at the Papeete Conservatory.

Tahiti Tourisme Italia

The Mana Tahiti group was a guest at the main tourism fairs and events in French Polynesia organized by Tahiti Tourisme Italia.

Private Parties 

Polynesian shows

Wedding fairs 

The Mana Tahiti group has been a guest at the main wedding fairs in Italy


Mana Tahiti animated weddings by transporting guests to Polynesia.

Cafè degli Artisti & Biker Bikini Cesenatico

Polinesian shows

Dancing with the stars

March 2016

The group Mana Tahiti was a guest of Rai 2 on the television program "Dancing with the stars".

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