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Amanda Mendoza Zapata, born in Mexico City, is a dancer and teacher of Ori Tahiti. At the age of 7, she took her first steps in the world of dance, starting with classical dance, passing through contemporary dance and Mexican folklore. At 15 she became passionate about Pacific Dances (Hula - Hawai'i, Ori Tahiti - French Polynesia). These disciplines become a real revelation for her and so begins her training path which leads her to study the Hula with Dafne Peña, under the guidance of Kumu Ray Fonseca Kahikilaulani of Hilo - Hawai'i and Ori Tahiti with internships and insights held in Mexico by Makau Foster.
During that period she follows training courses with Kumu Kawika Alfiche and Kumu Nahokulanihele Gaspag for the Hula. In 2007 she won second place in the Miss Aloha Hula Mexico competition.
In 2007 Amanda moved to Italy and it was there that the MANA TAHITI school was born with which she dedicated herself to spreading the Polynesian culture through dance.

Her passion and deep desire to deepen her knowledge of the Ori Tahiti but also of the history and culture of this people drove her to leave for French Polynesia and in 2009 she began her numerous trips to Tahiti.

During this path he trained with the greatest exponents of this discipline such as Makau Foster - director of the Tamariki Poerani dance group, Moena Maiotui - dancer and choreographer from Tahiti Ora, Hirohiti Tematahota and Moeata Laughlin, as well as following a course of study for foreigners at the Artistic Conservatory of French Polynesia "Te Fare Upa Rau".

Amanda participates in numerous competitions and artistic events such as the Ori Tahiti Nui Competition in 2013 and 2014, where she wins second place in the improvisation category and first and third in the Mehura category under the guidance of Makau Foster. Attend Hura Tapairu in Tahiti always next to Makau.

Always flanked by her close-knit group, she participates in various television programs such as "Dancing with the stars", "Italia's Got Talent", "I soliti ignoti" and so on.

In 2017 and 2018 he participates in Heiva I Tahiti with the Tahiti Ia Ruru Tu Noa group by Olivier Lenoir. Always alongside Olivier, he took part in the show "Pi'i Fenua" in the Marae Arahurahu in 2022.

Amanda currently resides in Polynesia where she continues her training at the Conservatory of French Polynesia "Te Fare Upa Rau". It is the first Mexican to obtain the first two certificates of study BET and CEFET with the mention "très bien". Her study continues to obtain, in a few years, the DET or "diploma in traditional arts".

Amanda is always looking for knowledge, understanding and transmission of dance, so she attended Kehaulani Chanquy's Arato'a dance school for three years, and "Ori Tahiti Moeata" with the famous Moeata Laughlin. Amanda also danced in Tiare Trompette's group Hei Tahiti at shows at various resorts in Tahiti, including the famous show "Miss Tahiti".

Despite the distance, she continues to follow her beloved group in Italy.


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